Friday, October 22, 2010


#1176 - Being Aware of How My Life Directly Affects My Dreams at Night - last night I had both positive and negative examples of this. Yesterday evening I went to a Yoga class at a Hindu Temple. I was moved and grateful for the experience and I really appreiciated the brief tour I had of the temple.

Last night I dreamt I was watching three girls offer prayers in sanskrit (or Hindi) to one of the dieties in the temple (a beautiful and postive dream). I also dreamt that I could not find the main road to get home - I kept getting sucked in to dirt roads and kind of lost in fields. It was frustrating and I'm sure somehow relates to my sadness at seeing so much topsoil (recent farms) being covered by subdivisions. The drive to the temple is a drive through the front lines of the subdivision farm land line. Soon the temple will be surrounded too.

"Without topsoil, little plant life is possible... This is of great ecological concern as one inch of topsoil can take 500 years to form naturally." -Wikipedia

#1177 - When I arrived to volunteering to set-up for the satelitte of the Bioneers Conference I started to feel a bit faint. I was concerned I was going to be more of a pain than a volunteer if I needed to sit down before even starting. Thankfully My Job was Outside, this seemed to cure me instantly and I Was Helping to Unload Cars with Energy

#1178 - Beautiful Warm Evening Walk down Davern

#1179 - Staying at a Friend's House so I could Make that Evening Walk

#1180 - "Democrats Could Lose up to 8,000 Seats in Upcoming Midterm Election" - The Onion 10/21/2010 (I appreciate when they make fun of things that drive me nuts - in this case endless election speculation.)

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