Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simple Pleasure

#1206 - Feeling scattered, slightly frantic I turned on Krishna Das and immediately felt grounded.

#1207 - Applying for a job that interests me, but isn't likely, which give me the opportunity to just say what I want to in the application and feel free about it.

#1208 - Listening to Prayer Recitation in a Hindu Temple

#1209 - I've never seen anyone else do this, and I do not understand why - for years it has been a simple pleasure of mine in winter. For the first time this Fall I was cold when I got home and the heater was on, so I sat on the floor by the vent and enjoyed its warmth. Seriously it is wonderful, try it! For it to work I guess you have to have forced air heat and your house set at a slightly cooler temperature (otherwise it would not be enjoyable.) I appreciate this fairly often so to be specific - Today I Appreciate Being Able to Share this Simple Pleasure with You.

#1210 - I made Two Pumpkin Pies with Real Pumpkins (not from a can). Since I've always used a can before it was kind of a mystery. It actually wasn't labor intensive it just takes time. I started last night by cooking the pumpkin (because this process takes a few hours). Then today assembled the pie. I used two small pumpkins which was enough for five pies. (I froze the extra so I am ready to make more.)

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