Saturday, October 16, 2010

Door Knock

#1146 - The Young Woman Playing Her Beautiful Original Music at the Farmer's Market - Initiating Applause for Her, Others Joining, and How She Smiled

#1147 - When I bit into my Cauliflower Today and Said, "Ummm" (cauliflower doesn't usually get that response from me)

#1148 - The Two People (whose faces I can picture now) Who Opened their Doors with Spacious Hearts, it Means So Much When Others Are Too Busy or Closed to Talk to You

#1149 - While door-knocking about voting this afternoon, I thought about looking up my ballot tonight to see which elections I need to research.

In 2006 while volunteering/working for the election, I read a post Jason Mraz wrote about why he didn't vote. I remember it distinctly because I disagreed with it so strongly - I stopped paying attention to him. Now four years later (I've obviously started again) he is talking about voting constantly, his current post is about spending time researching his full ballot (exactly what I planned to do tonight :).

So I'm Grateful: to Witness Jason Mraz Grow (especially because in the position he is in, he can bring a lot of others with him), to Feel Reassured that this is a Worthy Use of Time for an Evening (and not Feel So Alone in Doing it), and to Remember that if I Resonate with Someone, There is a Reason - Trust It.

#1150 - I had over an hour's worth of research to do, even while feeling informed about most races (and I'm not done).

Luckily the Star Tribune takes your address and gives you a sample ballot (with links to candidate info). Hopefully other states have papers with similarly great services. Here's the link MN's -

Judges are tricky. I don't have an opinion on whether they should be elected or appointed. I would like to understand this better.

Then there is Soil and Water Supervisors. I had no idea! I was thinking about calling the local Sierra Club office Monday and seeing if they had an opinion. However, after reading the info available I am excited for Soil and Water District 2 -Amber Collett

It's so much more fun to vote when you know who you are voting for, which takes time and effort, but as far as Ms. Collett is concerned, it is worth it!

One more website for people who think our survival is linked with nature's -

League of Conservation Voters Scorecard. Put in your state or zip code and it will tell you how your senators/representative scored environmentally.

This feels like exercise right now, sometimes hard to get into, but I feel so good once I do it.

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