Monday, October 4, 2010

Brick City

#1086 - Writing a Letter in the Backyard to Someone who is an Inspiration

#1087 - That there is something on television this month I want to watch (and hopefully will find a way since we don't have cable). Brick City on the Sundance Channel about Newark, NJ and my favorite mayor Cory Booker

#1088 - Composing a Simple Piece on the Piano (not that I can play again, but I just made up something and I enjoyed it)

#1089 - Having an Impulse that I have 1/4 way followed Through on that is Bringing me Energy (maybe if I completely follow through I'll be more specific about it)

#1090 - Leftover Butterfly Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Parsley, and Basil from the Garden (won't be eating that fresh for a while)

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