Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bushel of Apples

#1076 - Volunteering to Assist a Woman at the Farmer's Market to Carry a Bushel of Apples to Her Car (Sometimes I worry about whether I am "helping" enough. Feeling the genuineness of my motivation I felt reassured for a moment.)

#1077 - A TV on the ground, in the middle of a busy/fast intersection - A Man Exited His Car at the Stoplight and Moved it (He could have saved someone's life.)

#1078 - Visiting the home of my Father's Co-Worker on the Solar Home Tour

#1079 - What Jason Mraz is pledging responsibility for. He continues to Inspire Me.

#1080 - FromThe Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver (This takes place in the 1940's).

"The radio is at the root
of the evil, Their rule is:
No silence, ever.
When anything happens,
the commentator has to speak
without a moment's pause
for gathering wisdom.
Falsehood and inanity
are preferable to silence."

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