Sunday, October 10, 2010


#1116 - Storyhill on Prairie Home Companion -

#1117 - "It was a marble sort of day yesterday." Conie

#1118 - During my walk on Pike Island today I appreciated: the person who was hanging out in a hammock he/she set up next to the Mississippi, the couple who climbed on top of a fallen tree to use as a bench, and the man who brought a (3?) year old child on a long walk. I become an extrovert around children so I talked to the man and told him I was impressed. He said the child walked most of the way himself. Way to go dad (assumption) and child!

#1119 - Even though this happened yesterday - I woke up today feeling blessed and gifted by a Friend Trusting Me with Deep Truths

#1120 - When I walked into the Celtic Service tonight and was handed a candle, I immediately thought of a friend who asked me to pray for him. So I Entered with that Intention and Held it Throughout.


  1. I was thinking the Celtic service was tonight. . .I was too tired from the weekend in Morris.

  2. How beautiful 'a marble sort of day'.

    Tammy you're probably not aware, but I'd almost say I 'need' your blog.
    It keeps me in touch with the reality I belief is real and not the one we're brainwashed to see.
    Really, you never fail.