Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mysterious Fun Deed

#1166 - Mantra for the Morning - "This is Wealth" - When I looked at my water bottle this morning I thought, "This is Wealth." I decided to repeat this to myself whenever I glanced at it or took a drink from it today.

#1167 - The Bill Licensing Birth Centers Passed in MN - It passed in May, but nobody informed me (not sure who would inform me.) I was tracking that bill, I thought the session ended, I guess it was included with a bunch of other things. Anyway, YEAH!

#1168 - A close friend of mine in 6-8th grade had a strong presence in my dream two nights ago (her family moved away- our last contact was in high school, yet there she was in my dream). I just tried looking her up and found out she had a baby earlier this year. I also found a probable address. (I'm sure I could know all this if I was on Facebook.) I am going to send her a congratulatory card out of the blue. I am quite certain it serves a purpose, which I do not need to know, but a dream leads.

#1169 - It's not at the level of Amelie, but #1168 still feels like a Mysterious Fun Deed.

#1170 -- My favorite musicians, Brothers Frantzich, will be performing in Minneapolis Sunday.
I'm not sure that I will be there, but I'm still grateful to find out.

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  1. Tammy, you've written about it before.... what are birth centers?