Tuesday, October 26, 2010


MN/Ontario Border

#1196 - Finally feeling comfortable Playing F - (for guitar people I still only play four strings)

#1197 - VBAC being an option - I have a friends who live in rural MN, their first baby was born C-section. They are pregnant again, want to deliver vaginally but apparently their hospital doesn't do VBAC's. It's hard where they live because they don't have many options. Anyway, my friend must have forgotten our conversation because the baby is due this week and he wrote they were hoping for a vaginal birth. I replied that I thought it wasn't an option in their hospital. He said, Their Hospital just Started Doing VBACS again.

#1198 - Doing some Research for/with my Sister-in-Law

#1199 - Woman in Taiwan Plans to Marry Herself - http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/ - is where I saw this headline, and can always find something worth smiling about

#1200 - Strong Wind - Wind Chime - I love wind chimes. Whenever I walk up to a door that has one ringing, I feel peaceful and relaxed. I was given a small one at gift exchange one December. I was grateful/excited, however, it is not properly designed. It usually just flaps in the wind as a whole without making sounds. Today the wind is strong enough that occasionally I hear it.

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