Monday, October 18, 2010


#1156 - "I'm Excited for Winter." - flashed across my mind as I glanced at the backyard. Immediately I thought I should regret this/take it back, like I did something wrong, silly!

#1157 - Feeling Greater Dexterity in My Right Fingers Picking Guitar - before it felt like the connection between brain and fingers hardly functioned

#1158 - Taking Time to Follow Some Internet Suggestions for My Resume
- specifically I added some lines, which actually look fabulous (if lines on a piece of paper can be called fabulous)

#1159 - My Cousin Calling to Invite Us To Her Dance Performance

#1160 - I took these, and Saturday's and probably Wed's, beautiful Fall Photos last week. It was a non-blog day so I didn't get to use them then. I feel Engaged and Drawn In (is there an emotion for that) by the different levels of focus on today's first photo.

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