Tuesday, January 18, 2011

61 Points

I just thoroughly enjoyed Jill's post on her Word-of-the-Year, so I'll share a little on mine too. Like Jill, I have really enjoyed having a word of the year for the last 5(?) years. Last year I had a difficult time finding a word, but when it eventually arrived, "impulsive," I knew exactly what it meant and how to honor it. Follow my impulses.

This year my word came to me really easily. Sometime in early December it came in my mind and then it didn't go away. By New Year's Day when I went to Yoga class I was breathing in and out the word during practice. It had clearly chosen me. However, it is not so clear to me what it will look like in my life or how exactly to honor it yet.

Jill gave me a little booklet to use with my word-of-the-year and this photo is what I've done with it so far.

In yoga today during savasana the instructor led us through 61 points. In this exercise she names a part of the body and you place your attention there. The idea is to keep your mind from wandering while you relax. I love 61 points. An interesting thing today is that when I focused on points in my upper-body I could feel energy running there. However once I got to my knees and below I didn't feel anything.


"Now, I did learn an important life-skill over these past 7 or so years: how to be my own best friend and enjoy spending time with myself." - my favorite part of Jill's post

Amazing Grapefruit
didn't look too good outside and it had a lot of seeds, but looks can be deceiving.

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  1. Yay! You're using your book :) I forgot to take a picture of them (b/c make a book for someone is on my list of 35 to-do's) - so I'm happy you have one here. Of course, I could always make more ;)