Friday, January 28, 2011


#1666 - Winter photography is challenging for me. When I brought my camera to take this I was surrounded by beauty, but I couldn't find any color to add contrast to the shot. Finally I crouched down and tried to get my ski. I really like this shot and have been waiting for a day when I went skiing to post it.

#1667 - Last January I went to a Cabaret with a few friends that really impressed me. I decided to check if it was happening again this year, and it is. So I sent an email inviting people and using my birthday as an excuse to motivate. A friend called today and asked if I was excited (it is tonight). I said, "Not right now." She (Lisa) was excited though and her excitement started wearing off on me. Thanks Lisa.

#1668 - Then I got another call and another email of people coming and this helped too.

#1669 - And for my Egyptian political comment of the day - Apparently you are not a dictator if you are an important ally of the United States. How can I make this into a gratitude?... I just had to look a little. The 2005 Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, ElBaradei, went to Cairo from Austria to join the protests. GO ELBARADEI!!!

#1670 - "In 2005 ElBaradei was awarded the prize for his efforts to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purposes. He donated his winnings to building orphanages in Cairo and he was the fourth Egyptian to win the Nobel Peace Prize.ElBaradei has also been awarded The Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedom Award, The Human Security award, The Golden Dove of Peace..."

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  1. hah I have EXACTLY the same problem photographing snowy landscpapes! It's stunning to look at, but boring in a picture