Wednesday, January 12, 2011


*Absentmindedly gazing out the bus window this AM - suddenly awakened to the beauty of a grove of oak trees against the sky. (Can it be a grove in a residential neighborhood among houses? I don't know but they took it over.)*

**Holding my friend's 1 1/2 yr old in my lap - I held his hand and used his pointed finger to count in a counting book. After doing this a couple times, he grabbed my finger and mimicked the motion as if teaching me.**

***He calls his mom, "Momma." He calls me,"Mammy" or just "Me." (He doesn't have T's yet.)***

****The woman who moved up to the front of the bus before her stop to have a conversation with the bus driver and see how he was doing.****

*****The job I applied for on Sunday was a really long application. However, I am so grateful for it, because yet again the process bears fruit. As I may have mentioned, it is related to the types of things I used to do, so I was contacting references from my past. I tried to contact more people than I needed because I was not sure how many I would get a hold of. One just responded to my email and this excerpt, "you were (and you've continued to be) an inspiration to me, and I imagine others as well," is definitely my highlight for today. THANK YOU HUXLEY!*****

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