Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wider Perspective

I am going to attempt to use Wider Perspective as the theme for my five gratitudes today.

First of all, when I missed the bus. On a physical level I know why I missed it. On a bigger level I ask, "Why did I miss the bus?" My level of annoyance was low enough that there was space for a new thought to come through. In the book I am reading, one of the characters states that when he forgets something, as he goes back to get it he stops and listens. The idea being - there was a reason he was asked to stop and go back. I'm not sure I even took the time and space to stop today. But there was enough space inside of me for this thought to come through, to consider someone or something might be asking me to "go back."

Secondly I am applying for this job that is similar to what I did a while back in the past. So I am contacting old references and co-workers. It is beautiful how much happiness this is bringing me, even in instances where I wasn't really close to the person. So I am grateful to this application and grateful for the connections it is rekindling.

So...a woman who I worked with in the past, but wasn't close to, sent me her contact info as a reference. She also included a brief synopsis of what is up in her life. Though it was brief it was not superficial, so I wrote back, "Your email deserves a written response. Can I have your current address for personal use?"

"Tammy, that's so caring of you to want to send a real letter in response to my email. It brought tears to my eyes."

And I'm grateful to know I will do it.

Finally, on Sunday I made plans for tonight, but then I remembered I had a soccer game. I felt a little uncertain today because I emailed and left a phone message with the person I had plans with, but I did not hear back. However, in this situation what can I do? Well, looking at my last blog post there is a quote from Nathan with appropriate instructions, "a long term RELATIONSHIP OF ANY KIND requires time and a willingness to live in some uncertainty for a while."

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