Sunday, January 2, 2011


#1536 - Having a, brief/basic, phone conversation in Spanish

#1537 - For the last five or so years I've had a "Word of the Year." At first they were words I drew during Winter Solstice Rituals. They were not words I would have chosen, but they ended up being really appropriate. Then in 2008, the Winter Solstice Ritual I attended did not involve drawing a word. So I had to come up with a word of the year on my own. It is a little tricky because it is not about choosing a word, it is letting a word choose you. Anyway, I was telling someone about this today and he asked me to think of suggestions or possible words for him. I'm not sure how/if this will work, but I am happy to try.

#1538 - Having a friend that lives 3 miles away, my closest friend in proximity, being available for me to stop by. Sometimes, like tonight, I'd like to just head over to a friend's house to talk for a bit. This is so much easier/more likely when they live nearby.

#1539 - Wearing a sweater that my friend was going to donate. It is a little different style than I would pick, long with a button in the front/center, and I like it.

#1540 - I also sent an email in Spanish, it was very challenging and it tired me out, but I am grateful I didn't give up.

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