Saturday, January 22, 2011


#1636 - A Henna Tattoo which includes my Word of the Year

#1637 - The 13 year old girl who painted my hand

#1638 - Visiting the home of the owner of the Yoga Studio for the staff party. It was cool or course.

#1639 - The energy experiment she did on me where I thought of something I disliked - television - and she showed my blocked energy, and then something I enjoyed - playing guitar - where it flowed.

#1640 - My stomach was bothering me a little (so I am writing these up a day late, though I will put the date as Sat so you probably didn't know that). I thought it was psychological, but then I remembered my brother seemed to not want to eat much earlier in the week. I asked him and yes he too, had a little stomach thing. Somehow this is reassuring, validating, which is weird but true.

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