Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Willingness to Live in Some Uncertainty

#1546 - "Yes, I found some jeans, but they are kind of expensive - $7.50" - Me

#1547 - My friend Laura's skill and availability to help with questions I have on my resume. I haven't even read what she wrote yet, but I already know it will be helpful.

#1548 - Trying to track down a couple former supervisors as references.
It actually made me really happy to attempt to contact them.

#1549 - Sitting in the living room and feel the light move across my face. It filtered through leaves of my large plant.

#1550 -

"Yes it's exciting to have sparks fly on a first date, but really, how often does that translate into something more substantial? Developing a long term relationship of any kind requires time and a WILLINGNESS TO LIVE IN SOME UNCERTAINTY FOR A WHILE." - Nathan a guy on a friend's online dating site. I was really impressed and told my friend to send him my way.

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