Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Mochi

My cousin Ashley trying to make a high shrill enough sound to break glass. (I was on the phone with her so I could move it away from my ear and enjoy her persistent experimentation.)

The homemade Mochi my sister-in-law brought from her Japanese New Year's Event.

Realizing that it isn't just practicing less that made my fingers sore quickly on the guitar today. It is because I was cleaning yesterday and today. Soaking in water is not good for guitar callouses.

My friend Fletcher often has a different take on things. When I told him I was slightly concerned about a friend who I had plans to get together with on Thursday, and then didn't hear anything from Fletcher said. "How do you feel about it?" I started answering analytically. He said, "No. How does it feel?"
So I stopped and felt and said, "He feels fine. Maybe busy, but yeah he's fine."

My friend is part of a local support group for the Iraqi Student Project. They are helping support an Iraqi student at a college here both financially and emotionally. I was invited to fund-raiser for the student where I would learn more about the project. I was interested in it, however, did not feel like driving across town. I am grateful that I had nothing else to do so I went anyway. I enjoyed learning from the student and talking with friends there.

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