Wednesday, May 12, 2010


#361 - Being Prepared When I Sneeze

#362 - Recognizing My Crabbiness - after three emails annoyed me, I realized I was the annoying one.

#363 - Realizing - "I haven't been this crabby in a long time."

#364 - My One Breath Habit - which I needed when I drove today. (This year I've practiced making it a habit that before I drive, I stop and take a deep breath. During that breath I cannot - start the car, put on my seat belt, turn on the radio, adjust the mirror, talk etc. - I can only breathe.)

#365 - on the news today - A neighbor's cat came scratching at a woman's door until she let it in. Then it kept scratching at her. Someone in the upstairs of the apartment building poured gasoline and was going to set the building on fire. The woman said, "I think the cat was trying to tell me to leave, that cat never comes in the downstairs apartment."

[Today was one of the days I least wanted to write this, and today is also one of the days that it helped me the most.]

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