Thursday, May 27, 2010

High School Entertainment

#436 - High School Students that had constructed boats (out of cardboard wrapped in plastics... etc.) for physics(?) and were taking turns attempting to paddle them around a marker and back. It was highly entertaining.

#437- Laughter from the students as their boats tipped and they struggled to stay afloat.

#438 - Feeling how much more Comfortable in my Skin I am than when I was Younger

#439 - Having Too Much Energy to Sit Here at the Computer

#440 - My favorite (?) Elizabeth Gilbert quote (from Oprah Oct 5, 2007) - I'm going to make sure it's in my journal

And I never knew at that age, in my 20s, that "I don't know" is actually a legitimate answer that you're allowed to say. You're allowed to say, I don't know, and you're allowed to ask for as much time as you need until you do know. And if somebody doesn't wanna give you that time, they're allowed to leave. But you're allowed to sit with your I don't know. And I never sat with it because it was uncomfortable. Nobody likes that place. And so I always said yes. Oh, sure. Let's move in together, let's get married, let's buy a house, let's do all this stuff that I was sort of half yes, half no."

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  1. she's brilliant in a simple sort of way, isn't she?