Saturday, May 15, 2010

Follow It

#376 - "Put Your Phone Away Sweetheart" - This is the thought that rolled through my mind as I saw someone driving by texting/looking down at their phone.

#377 - There was this Art-A-Whirl open studios in NE Mpls today. I brought my bike and I realized I am always biking to get somewhere or to get exercise. Today I was just leisurely pedaling and it felt so nice.

#378 - Make Something Cool Every Day - This artist created a piece of art every day for a year! I've done this gratitude blog every day for 2 1/2 months, and I can begin to visualize the dedication it would take to create something daily a whole year. I'm sure he had plenty of days when he didn't feel like being creative, but again and again he did it anyway. Inspiring.

#379 - On top of the inspiration I enjoyed Davis' Art and it was really Funny too!

#380 -
Reading a few pages about Paulo Coelho (one of my favorite authors)... When I look at people who have "achieved" so much, I often don't remember that they faced hurtles too. It seems like they were always successful.

Coelho's The Alchemist originally sold only 900 copies. As far as the publisher was concerned that was it, that was the end of that book. And I'm sure it wasn't just that book. I'm sure there was pressure for Coelho to give up on writing overall.

Now, 20 years later, The Alchemist is one of the best selling books in history and has been translated into 56 languages. It is the most widely translated book by a living author.

How many times do we, do I, need to read things like this to know/to remember? No one outside of us can possibly know what is best or what the world most needs. Because what the world most needs is our heart. Follow it. Follow it. Follow it.

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