Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last Thing That Scared You

#426 - "I could have a cookie but I'd rather have some fruit" - a thought

#427 - Talking to my Dad about when he lived in NYC - I forget sometimes, since I've known my Dad all my life, that there are things about his life I don't know.

#428 - My Friend Stacie said She'll Be Visiting Soon

#429 - New Questions - "The first conversation we have with somebody can be awkward. We don’t know them, so the first thing we do is make connections, how do you know so and so...If we are both married with kids, we might ask about that, too. We just find common ground... From there we tend to ask what they do, where they work. That’s not a bad question, because work often encompasses our passions and even our education, but it also rings of you are your work." Don Miller

Jill recommended this post. I definitely appreciate anyone who leans into their creativity and comes up with new questions. I think my current favorite question is,

"What was the Last Thing You Did that Scared You?"

Some people have a really narrow focus on the word "fear." They only think of something that threatens their safety. That is not what I am talking about (though that is a valid answer of course).

In my experience trying anything new usually involves a little bit of fear (sometimes a lot). So"how long has it been since you tried something new?" is the underlying question, but "that scared you" makes it interesting.

#430 - I Put Chords to a Poem - when my friend's baby first starting pulling himself up to stand, he would look around so proud, "I did it" written all over his face. That is what I felt like when I created a song today. "I did something I had no idea I could!"

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