Monday, May 3, 2010

The Experiment Continues

Lake Superior

#316 - Listening to the Poems From the Radio Yesterday - I enjoyed everyone's poems more. I'd heard them all before, but I still just stopped and listened.

#317 - When the Nervousness Arrived - I am grateful that I became nervous when I was about to hear my poem rather than when I was about to read it yesterday.

#318 - Jason Mraz's Thank You Video - I felt nourished, inspired, and I laughed.

#319 - My friend Jill is at a point in her life where I just see her shining. The beautiful thing about it, to me, is that nothing really has changed in her outer circumstances. Her shining is not the type that can be faked, It Comes From the Inside.

#320 - I Tracked Down My Book - I've had one poem published in a book (an anthology). I wanted to share this with friends who don't live nearby (and who have semi-permanent addresses), so I designed an experiment. I put their names and addresses in the back of a book and then mailed it to one of them with instructions. I asked that after they read whatever they wanted to in it, that they would send it on to someone else listed on the back of the book, and cross off their names.

The first person I sent it to I knew it would not get stuck there (that he would send it on) and he did. The second person did too because she wrote an email saying she was excited about the idea. That was almost 1 1/2 yrs ago, and I haven't heard anything about it since. So today I sent an email to these friends asking if any of them had seen the book... and I have located it, and it will be sent on! So the experiment continues...

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  1. It's all hips baby!

    Thanks for the mraz-video, I don't keep up with his site.

    And congratulations with your poems!