Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nuns Who Are Kickin It

#411 - The Whole Mentality Sourounding Clare's Well - from the gardens, to the geothermal, to the chakra stones, to the rain barrels, to the federal budget breakdown (clarifying military spending), to the silence, the sacred path, the restored prairie, the "Want Peace Work for Justice," bumper sticker, the simplicity....all run by some kickin it sisters from the Catholic Church. (Okay I was informed that nuns and sisters are not equivalent - so my title is incorrect, but "Sisters who Are Kickin It" doesn't have the same ring.)

#412 - The Example these Sisters Set. They are full of Vibrancy and Life.

#413 - "What Do You Think the Purpose of Wind Is?" - Jill

#414 - "I'm Seeing How Far I Can Kick Water." Jill sitting on the dock with her feet dangling in

#415 - Spending the day with a friend doing tasks I enjoyed in support of a place that inspires me.

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