Friday, March 26, 2010

Being A Developer

#126 - My friend Jill sent me a piece of writing earlier this weak that blew me away. I felt Honored to realize today, part of the reason she felt comfortable sending me something so personal and powerful, is probably because I share myself in that way too. Part of the reason she shares her beauty with me is that I share mine with her.

"When you open up, people open up to you. Vulnerability is the door to your heart, and being vulnerable grants important benefits to those who are strong enough to leave that door open."

John Hope Bryant
Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World

#127 - Realizing how Loud (Energized) My Voice became while talking to Jill on the phone about her writing

#128 - Being a Developer - My friend Laura bought me the book Now Discover Your Strengths a few years back. It has a on-line quiz you can take to discover your top five strengths out of a list of 34. The idea is people succeed not by working on their weaknesses, but by focusing on their strengths. My #2 strength is Developer and it is my favorite. It brings me such joy to watch, encourage, and to help people grow. It totally fuels me, and that is why my voice became so loud while talking to Jill.

#129 - Dixie Chicks - After learning Easy Silence on the Ukulele I started telling my sister-in-law about them. I love movies about real people who are standing in their truth, so tonight we are watching Shut Up and Sing.

#130 - This Quote which is going in my Journal -

"Maybe sometimes
letting go of our dreams is our only way to survive.
Because it sets us free to find new ones.
To follow them.
And see where they bring us.
Or not.
But most of all.
To live."


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  1. Hello Tammy

    thank you for your comments on my blog.

    About the french tv-experiment, I had not thought about the 20% 'good' people, it's true I easily see the negative side of things, so thanks for shedding another light :) it's consoling and certainly more constructive.

    About the tree-hugging, no I'd never heard about that. I think we Europeans like to think of ourselves as more 'down to earth', which of course we aren't at all :)

    Tammy I think you really are a beautiful, pure person and I am truely glad that I am getting to know you, through your blog and comments. I find myself in the morning, waiting for the bathroom to heat up a little, opening my laptop and reading your post of the day and it puts me in a good mood.

    As the end of the month is approaching, I wonder, will you continue blogging Gratitudes or anything else?

    have a nice day/night