Monday, March 29, 2010


#141 - The Krickles (best word I can find to describe it) Sound Thin Patches of Ice Made as the Wind Blew Them Into Each Other

#142 - Cleaning up My Space - which was beginning to really bug me

#143 - Cooking A New Recipe

#144 - Cleaning the Chain on My Bike - I haven't ridden it yet so I needed to check the air in the tires. I ended up cleaning the chain too, something I hardly do, but which gave me genuine satisfaction.

#145 - This Tree - the first of many reminders on my walk today to stop listening to the incessant racket going on in my brain and be present to what was around me. Later reminders included - Red-Wing Blackbird Song, Green-Blue Color of the Ice, Being able to See in the Water at the Edge of the Lake

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