Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What If

#146 - My Bike - which can frustrate me because it is so slow, but has really been very dependable. In the 12 years we been riding, I've never had a flat tire.

#147 - Being of Service - Today I felt I was exactly where I needed to be, when my friend Laura needed a little break from taking care of her baby.

#148 - Sometimes there are people we love dearly, yet rarely see or speak to. Tonight I called my friend Matt to see if he wanted to help our friend Peter move later this week. It seemed like a self-less request, but actually I just wanted an excuse to talk to him, which I did, and I am grateful for that.

#149 - I am grateful to have been Ready for Bed at 8pm spending some quiet time alone.

#150 - "What If" Poem - tonight and last night I wrote some poems in my journal. The writing prompt was, "What if..." I am grateful for its emergence.

What if

What if the phone rang
I answered and you
were on the line

What if time didn't move but stayed constant
always still

What if - writing poetry in itself meant

What if lying in bed at night one were in a zone of
protection - no worries here -
no fear

What if
this time when I answered
life called
What if life
had something to say
What if you continually marched toward an echo, toward a
homecoming, toward a sound

What if writing and listening and speaking and hearing and striving
all lived together - cohabitate
What if - I can't stop thinking
What if - those thoughts bury me alive
What if I smelled like something or someone you remember
a previous life
What if aching were a reminder
What if poetry were a request
What if, I loved you, so much
What if I loved

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