Thursday, April 8, 2010


#191 - "I Love Chewing" - (random thought while eating steel-cut oats for breakfast, which I was grateful for because I think I usually eat too fast and don't chew enough)

#192 - Making up and Singing a simple song in Spanish - (during the last part of my bike ride, the first part my thoughts were repetitive, annoying and uninteresting. Thank God when something fresh came to mind.)

#193 - Yellow Submarine on the Ukulele - I've never been a Beetles fan, but their tunes are familiar so I checked out a book from the library with the chords. A song like Yellow Submarine I usually find annoying, but it is quite enjoyable to sing and play on the ukulele ;)

#194 - That I was able to make Laura Laugh

#195 - That my friend Jill is excited about Cucumbers

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