Saturday, April 10, 2010


(A self-portrait taken by my cousin Ashley)

#201 - Singing and Enjoying the Sound - sometimes I think I have a horrible singing voice, sometimes, like today, I enjoy the sound.

#202 - The Ease of Speaking on the Phone with Julia - it doesn't matter if I last spoke to her a week or a few months ago

#203 - Finally proper terminology - AMEN!

"Hey… You on the Phone Blanket!

It’s very easy to instinctively reach for your phone in an uncomfortable moment. Most phones are equipped with multiple ways to grab and retain your attention. In social situations like being at a party, bar, or concert, when you are in between conversations, you don’t want to feel like the loser with no one to talk to so you pick up your phone...

In these moments you are not reaching for your phone, you are reaching for a security blanket. Your phone as a security blanket is called a Phone Blanket....

We reach for the Phone Blanket because we are afraid that we are going to miss something. Afraid of the awkward moment. Afraid of being bored...."

#204 - Wu Wei - it sounds complex to explain, but a simple beautiful Taoist concept

#205 - "Tammy, this is wonderful. Almost a poem in itself. Thank you."
I have mentioned I am taking a class where we are putting together an hour long poetry program for community radio. The instructor asked that we write our thoughts about what poetry is to intersperse throughout the program. I would have completely discarded this writing without her response. What I wrote -

Listening to a poem is water down a well worn path.
Writing a poem is kneeling before a God in disguise.
Reading a poem is a chance to disappear.
Listening to a poem is dependent on the reader.
Writing a poem is clever.
Reading a poem is kindness on a string.
Listening to a poem is turning your mind to a
different channel.
Writing a poem is time expanded.
Reading a poem is purposeful peace.
Listening to a poem implies respect.
Writing a poem can't stop pain.
Reading a poem is called poetry.


  1. That's a great poem- I'm glad you didn't throw it out.
    I wanted to share some encouragement I felt today- I started a new writing project with the intention of dedicating it to concentrating on positive creative steps towards improving our world- I felt I've spent enough time diagnosing the worlds problems- within an hour of publishing my first post a complete stranger from New Zealand (somehow connected with Rudolf Steiner which is probably how she found me) had read what I wrote and left an encouraging comment- I felt as though Heaven knows what I am trying to do, and wanted to show me its support thru this person's kindness. So I see that positive creativity really is being called for by Heaven, which rejoices when it sees a person recognize that the apparent trouble on earth is superceded by a source of potential goodness which waits for human beings to access it for the benefit of the world. I am 100% certain that your gratitude project is inspired by this benevolent source because I can feel the truth of it and it in turn has helped inspire me on my project.

  2. Hi Tammy

    very pure lavenderfresh poem.
    and so true too.

    thanks for sharing it!