Thursday, April 29, 2010

North Shore

#296 - None of the Ticks I Removed From My Body Were Embedded - I stayed on the North Shore a few days after the DFL convention to go hiking. I do not take things from nature - rocks, shells etc. but this afternoon I saw that a tick was unaware of this policy and was crawling up my arm.

#297 - I'm trying to stay present and pick things from today to be grateful for.... but I keep thinking of my trip so I'll just go with it. Lake Superior

I can't figure beauty out. I have seen this lake many times before, but never been so struck by its beauty. Did the lake change or did I?

#298 - The Most Beautiful Place I've Seen - Earlier this week I would have told you Lake Superior is the most beautiful place I've seen. Right now I'd tell you it is the lush green foilage that has appeared outside my window - The Most Beautiful Place I've Seen Keeps Getting Closer

#299 - To Have A Few Stories - some simple beautiful things happened on my trip (many of which I wrote in my journal as gratitudes). I look forward to sharing them with Laura, or whomever, ends up listening. So I'm grateful for the stories and the Trust That I Have Someone Who Will Listen

#300 - Sharing Photos - the next week or so will probably all be photos from the North Shore, each of which could be a gratitude in itself.

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