Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bridge of Dreams

#236 - This Blue Heron Nesting Island on the Mississippi

#237 - I grabbed my journal right before I left on a bike ride. I wanted someone else to ride with today, but I ended up being glad I was alone because I Needed to Write.

On the way back I went on the walking instead of the bike path and I came across this bridge (please click on the photo so you can see it).

#238 -
That's right, a few minutes after writing I came upon the Bridge of Dreams. At first I planned on walking across (there are steps on the other side, obviously not a bike path),

but then I realized once you cross the Bridge of Dreams you can't go back, so I took my bike.

The view from the Bridge of Dreams

Where would The Bridge of Dreams lead me?

Well, the first thing I learned is that dreams take you off the established path. The concrete steps just ended. There was a narrow grass pathway, so I followed. I walked in between a fence to my right and a creek to my left. I either had to push my bike through tall grass or walk in it myself, offering my sandaled feet to the possibility of ticks that love long grasses.

After a while I started to wonder if this bridge led anywhere? What it was built for certainly did not make any sense. Maybe I should go back?

Was I going to have to turn around eventually anyway?

"No, you can't turn back, once you've crossed the bridge of your dreams." I thought

and then "But would I?"

As I continued walking I realized,

"There is path here, unofficial as it is, because others have walked this ahead of me. It has to go somewhere."

I walked on.

It "ended" at a big hole (broken) in the fence with a "no trespassing" sign next to it. Hmmmm

My options -

#1. Go though the "no trespassing" hole
#2. Turn around
#3. Leave my bike and walk down a steep embankment with lots of trees/shrubbery and see if I could get anywhere.

I choose #3 and found I could get through. I went back for my bike and looked forward to seeing where the Bridge of Dreams led me.

My Bridge of Dreams led to a park with children playing. As I walked, by a small boy ran and up and wanted to ride my bike.

"It's too big for you honey."

He just started climbing on. I held the bike, not thinking he'd be able to get on, but he did. My helmet was hanging on the handlebars, he put it on (without the strap). He couldn't reach the pedals so I held the bike, slowly walked along, and looked to see if any adults were alarmed that I was taking their child. It was beautiful, and sweet and fun. His name was Davonn and he was three. Then other children ran up and asked for rides (at least 4), some of whom were big enough to actually ride my bike and who knows if/when I'd ever get my it back if I started that so I, unfortunately, said no.

So my Bridge of Dreams led to children running towards me for a ride.


#239 - Writing that Story

#240 - Meg Hutchinson - minutes 14:00-19:20 when she talks about Suicide.

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  1. Seems like the bridge of dreams works a bit like the Bridge of Sighs. But you did make an amazing trip.

    You are a strong woman, Tammy and a good person.

    have a nice Sunday