Monday, April 19, 2010

Not Important but More Present

#246 - This Flowering Tree in the Neighbor's Yard

#247 - Remembering how Funny my Brother is - when he is happy. I can't explain what he did today because it won't sound funny, but it was.

#248 - Library - this is pretty general but genuine. To be specific, I currently have 2 books, 2 CD's and 2 printed music items (for the ukulele) waiting for me to enjoy.

#249 - Emily sent me an Email - sometimes I think my friends are more important to me than I am to them (well maybe not important, but more present in my heart), because for many of them I take the initiative to keep in contact. It is such a simple joy to have someone reach out. I think sometimes we (I) hesitate because we have nothing to "say." But really do the words even matter?

#250 - Leftovers from the Pasta Salad - which I made yesterday, so dinner was homemade and easy

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