Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Editorial Committee

#186 - Michelle Obama speaking on Childhood Obesity Prevention - again and again I find her authenticity refreshing.

#187 - Two Small things I got a little agitated/worried about today did not happen

#188 - Being a part of the Editorial Committee - my #77 gratitude was that I signed up for a writing class that scared me Poetry on the Radio: From Page to Performance. For this class we are putting together a one hour show for the community radio station KFAI. I am/was on the editorial committee and I am grateful for that new experience.

#189 - Being an Activator on the Editorial Committee - I mentioned the "StrengthsFinder Test" when I wrote about my "Developer" strength a while back. While people debated ideas on the committee, I found something else to do to move the process along. My Activator strength rising to the occasion.

#190 - Kirtan at the Loft - after class there was a poetry reading going on, as I walked near the auditorium I I walked closer and to my surprise it was Kirtan at the Loft. I didn't know why this was going on instead of poetry, and I didn't care. I went in, sat down and started singing. Usually I have to search out Kirtan - here it had just appeared. I liked the description the leader gave - "Kirtan speaks to whatever faith we have and tries to deepen it." Amen

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