Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Please Will Anyone Try #217?

#216 - "Take a Deep Breath" - I overheard someone say this on his cell phone today, so I did.

#217 - The previous gratitude made me think "that was probably the first time I've been grateful to overhear someone talking on their phone." Usually I find it annoying - boring - or dramatic. Then I thought

What If I Got A Cell Phone and then Pretended to Share Poems with People on the Other Line!!!

This thought brought me great joy earlier today and it is making me laugh right now. I could pretend to talk to someone so everyone around me (on the bus for example) would have to listen to poetry! I have heard some pretty bad conversations that no one interrupts, so why would they interrupt a poem? If anyone feels inspired to do this, I hope to overhear you conversation in the future!

#218 - Like the previous gratitude, since so many of my thoughts are repetitive, I feel grateful when I think something new. So another new thought today, "I Wonder if People Will Evolve So That Their Eyes Only Look Straight Ahead?" (I was thinking about my mom telling me in the past to look side to side during my day - staring at computers, televisions, and the road while driving some of our eyes don't move much.)

#219 - Two Ducks Enjoying a Two Foot by Three Foot Puddle - behind a small rise in a schoolyard (I think they wanted to be alone :)

#220 - How Quiet my Thoughts Were as I Walked Home Through that Schoolyard

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  1. In 2000 when I lived in Boston I didn't have a cell phone, but as a joke I found this old land-line phone that I pretended to talk on when I was on the subway- people would shift over to farther seats when they saw me do that- I thought cell phones were vain and silly at the time, and I was trying to do a sort of performance art. I think your idea is ingenious. I'm happy to say, my real cell phone has stopped working and I never intend to replace it!