Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Red Fox

#251 - Red Fox - that I had the honor to see run across a residential street this morning

#252 - Animal Speak - a book that can help give meaning to sightings such as my red fox today

#253 - Since I now have those library items I mentioned yesterday. I have all the guitar (which in my case will be ukulele) chords for MR.A-Z. I already played Life is Wonderful.

#254 - Being well-rested and not rushed
, so I had something to give today when it was needed.

#255 - I have no idea where my writing is/will take me, but I always appreciate the encouragement that nudges it along the road. Today, the woman who I took a class with last fall asked, "
Do you mind if I use a section of your writing for my brochure and website?"


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