Friday, April 2, 2010

Try a Backbend

#161 - Hanging off the edge of my bed to stretch my back - we constantly bend forward in life, I highly recommend this back bend.

#162 - I've been meaning to pick up a chord chart for the ukulele, but never do. Today, I was early going somewhere and I realized the Home Pickin Parlor (which I'd always been curious about) was 2 blocks away. I couldn't have planned this so perfectly.

#163 - Inexpensive Entertainment - the ukulele has not cost me a single penny until I bought the $6 chord book today.

#164 - I was late to the Taize service tonight because they switched the time from 8 to 7:30. I realized if I had known it was 7:30 I wouldn't have offered to baby-sit beforehand. So I am grateful to have had the wrong time.

#165 - Carlo (8 months old) Clearly Recognizes Me - He was afraid of my aunt and wanted to be close to me.

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