Monday, April 5, 2010

Social Renewal

#176 - My Aunt as Motivation to Watercolor Paint - because she will paint with me

#177 - Writing an Appreciation Note - I'd been meaning to for a few weeks

#178 - Musicians that Can Make Any Song Good (or so it seems)- When Jason Mraz plays Lionel Richie - I like it (which I listened to today). I've heard the Brothers Frantzich play many songs I otherwise didn't like, but when they played it, suddenly they were magical.

#179 - I just learned my friend designed his B.A. degree in '97 to be "Social Renewal"

#180 - "Whoever invented blankets that was wonderful"
- my aunt

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  1. "Social Renewal"- this looks like a familiar term.
    I think you're on to something with this blog.
    It seems to me now that concentrating on what can be created is the sensible approach in our world. So much is being destroyed, will be destroyed, or is destructive- I've been focusing on such things for awhile now and, while it has been helpful for gaining an overall context of the world, the practical step at this time would seem to be to begin creating beauty, splendor, goodness and so forth from out of the wreckage of ignorance.
    I've found a good blog I wanted to share with you that embodies this idea:
    And here is a Taoist concept I feel you embody and demonstrate: