Sunday, April 18, 2010


#241 - "Why not be grateful for what you have and listen to what your longing is telling you?''
Roger Housden Chasing Rumi

#242 - Matt Nathanson's Some Mad Hope (CD)- I listened once, didn't get much from it, was going to return it to the library this morning, and came.

#243 - I'm grateful that #244 doesn't have to make sense and even if it doesn't make sense, I know reading number #244 will help someone, even if that someone is "just" me

#244 -

Some days your heart hurts
because you have no dreams.
Some days your heart hurts
because dreams are hard to find.
Some days your heart hurts
because the dream feels so real
you want to touch it, to hold it, to place it in your hand.

What do we do with dreams on their way
to fulfillment?
What do we do with what's left
before they come?
What do we do when tomorrow and today
merge together?

I am held, you are holding, we are bound
This life, this time, this question.
I see so clearly images, interactions, lives
Are these meant to torment, who creates them?
Who creates?
It's because I want to act, to take action, to follow-through, to force
I want to know - after yesterday, so certain,
it didn't matter.
Yesterday I knew it didn't matter, and now,
and now?

Some days your heart hurts
because it beats
and you're alive.

#245 -

"This much is enough was always true
we just haven't seen it yet"


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